MERKUR Casino International GmbH


1986: Opening of the first international arcade in Amsterdam

2006: Establishment of MERKUR Casino GmbH

2011: Company name is changed to MERKUR International GmbH

2014: Company name is changed to CASINO MERKUR International GmbH

2018: Company name is changed to MERKUR CASINO International GmbH

With MERKUR CASINO International GmbH, the Gauselmann Group is also very successful with its arcades in Europe. MERKUR CASINO International is shaped both by the philosophy of the Gauselmann Group and by the characteristics typical of the various countries. The starting shot to the international success story sounded in 1986 with the opening of a branch in Amsterdam. The company has been continuously growing since then and now also has a presence in Spain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. It operates more than 380 modern arcades and bingo halls in these countries.

Approximately 15,000 ultramodern gaming machines are available to guests for a really special experience. The employees live the quality criteria of the Gauselmann Group on a daily basis: innovative and high-quality games, top-notch service, highly-trained staff and a first-rate atmosphere. Despite varying political conditions and different situations in relation to gambling law, MERKUR CASINO has successfully adapted to the various conditions as well as to the regional gaming culture and offers tailored solutions for each country.

3 facts about MERKUR CASINO International GmbH

  • Decades of experience: The international success story began with the first branch in Amsterdam in 1986. In the meantime, over 380 high-quality arcades are available to guests.

  • International expertise: The quality standard is universal – however, it is only by taking the individual framework conditions and the cultural gaming preferences into account that a total package that is successful in the long term can be put together.

  • Making the best use of synergies: Each venue of MERKUR CASINO International GmbH benefits from regular exchange between the individual countries as well as with the German parent company. Proven structures can also be implemented in other branches in accordance with the best-practice model.