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FACE-CHECK ensures innovative protection of players and minors

In support of protection measures for minors and players, the Gauselmann Group is pioneering the introduction of the innovative, efficient face recognition system FACE-CHECK. The contactless admission control system based on biometric facial features was developed in collaboration with the company Cognitec from Dresden. FACE-CHECK simplifies the admission process and optimises ID security of young players and barred players by means of individual system messages – with maximum data economy. The admission control functions without customers or staff having to do anything – virtually automatically. Circumventing the system and human error are practically eliminated.

In terms of handling, security and data protection, the FACE-CHECK system is far superior to other available admission control systems. The system screens visitors with a mini camera when they enter the arcade, creates unique digital facial patterns (templates) and runs a direct check against the database of blacklisted players – and immediately deletes the data again afterwards. FACE-CHECK works with a traffic light system that arcade staff can see on their PC screen or mobile device, allowing them to take action accordingly. Staff can address barred players directly and, where necessary, carry out manual age checks. From the biometric data, the system also estimates players’ age. If a guest appears younger than 25, this is also displayed and can be checked by the staff. FACE-CHECK is currently the only system that allows youth protection screening without the need to present documents.

FACE-CHECK is currently in use at CASINO MERKUR-SPIELOTHEK arcades in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria as well as at CASINO MERKUR-SPIELOTHEK in Bielefeld, Düsseldorf and Espelkamp. It will be successively implemented in all CASINO MERKUR-SPIELOTHEK arcades Germany-wide.

In the future it is also planned to integrate FACE-CHECK directly into AWP machines. The first prototypes have already been developed. The functionality is identical to the admission control system. Barred players can be effectively excluded and underage players prevented from playing.

The advantages at a glance

Advantages for players:

  • Simple and barrier-free access without waiting times
  • Maximum data economy without divulging personal details
  • Independent capture of personal and blacklist data

Advantages for operators:

  • Simpler and faster admission control
  • Assures compliance with player and youth protection legislation
  • Identification of barred players
  • Players suspected of being underage (U25) can be addressed directly

Advantages for authorities:

  • Checking of all players without exception
  • Continuous recording of all system messages (similar to the black box in trucks)
  • Efficient compliance control of arcades