13-Sep-2017 – Lübbecke

Lukas Podolski: "Full Speed Ahead with XTiP"!


Football world champion Lukas Podolski is the new face of XTiP sports betting. Lukas Podolski himself surprisingly gave this news by video message during the 60th Anniversary party of the Gauselmann Group to which XTiP belongs. In front of 2,500 invited guests, Lukas Podolski, dressed in the Vissel Kobe kit, congratulated the company founder Paul Gauselmann and his family on the company anniversary. Gauselmann has supported the social commitment of Lukas Podolski for years. Typical Poldi with his mischievous grin, he changed his shirt and incidentally gave the sensation in the black XTiP jersey: "I am really looking forward to next year, going full speed ahead together with XTiP!" He called out to the stunned guests - "Let the party roar!"

Lukas Podolski will become the brand ambassador of XTiP sports betting from the beginning of 2018. Even though he no longer lives in Germany nor plays for his country, this 'Ex-pat' retains close ties to his home country and wishes to support people and companies he knows and has trusted for a long time.

"With Lukas Podolski we have been able to gain one of the most pleasant and popular faces from the world of football", commented Niko Steinkrauß, Managing Director of Merkur Sports Betting Ltd., the company that brings all the Gauselmann Group's sports betting business together. "Lukas Podolski is a sporting high flyer with very much his feet on the floor. He is a straight-forward, honest guy. He fits perfectly to XTiP. Lukas Podolski and ourselves form a great team".

Lukas Podolski

Lukas Podolski will become the new advertising face of the sports betting brand XTiP.

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